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Herb had a day off from errands today when Mythia went out into the fields to train her magic skills. It gave her the chance to rummage through Mythia's potion cabinets.

She sneaked into Mythia's laboratory and see which potion will taste good to her. The shelves and cabinets were all lined up neatly with beakers science literature in an alphabetical order, glass containers full of concentrated energy and other containers with labels on them.

"Ms. Celtil really knows her stuff," Herb said to herself. "I'm very amazed how much potions she can make per day."

She continued searching through every nook and cranny of the cabinets but found nothing good until she came across a blue colored bottle containing some kind of a blue elixer.

"What will happen if I drink this?" Herb examined the elixer as if it were to say "Drink Me" like from Alice in Wonderland.

She just drank it anyways with the blue liquid falling down like a waterfall past her lips feeling like its a quenched thirst. She drank the bottle empty and even took that one last drop.

"This is good stuff my boss makes," Herb said wiping her mouth with her sleeve.

Nothing happened until a few moments later her body would begin to feel strange. What's that she would feel? Could it be the effects of the elixir kicking in? Yes the effects have just activated inside her body indeed.

Her body began to inflate her like wise into a huge blob. When she grew a lot bigger, her belt was getting straight to a point where its gonna snap off.

POP! goes her belt. With her belt off of her shorts, her bare belly showed lifting her outfit up from her shorts.

"I don't think Ms. Celtil is gonna like this..." Herb said nervously as she remembered her rule to not sneak down into her laboratory.

Herb now became a huge blob with a round heavy bottom rump looking like she's the biggest pear shaped girl in the world.

She heard the sound of the door opening and became worried how Mythia is gonna react to her new body size.

Mythia had just came home after finishing up her magic training making Herb even more nervous.

"Herb?" Mythia said. "I'm back from training."

Uh-oh... Could Herb be caught redhanded? Or can she find a solution by finding a potion to return her back to her right shape.

If she finds out I drank her blue elixir, I'm banned from here for life... Herb worried as her head began to sweat a lot like a lot of tear drops are raining on her face.

"Herb?" Mythia said looking for her assistant. "Are you in the laboratory?"

"Just a second, Ms. Celtil!" Herb panicked as she shoved through every single beakers and vials and bottles.

Eventually, she found a red colored potion that'll deflate her right back to her normal size. She chugged it all down fast as she could and felt her body shrinking to her skinny form once more.

Now that Herb is normal again, she quickly hurried out of the laboratory and remembered to do an errand for her.

"Gotta run some errands for you, Ms. Celtil, kthanxbai!" Herb rushed out of the house to avoid trouble.

And just what did she do to my laboratory? Mythia said in her head as she fast opened the door to her lab.

When she looked at the lab, she found that everything is all cluttered and messy. All her hard work messed up by her assistant. All of them including her potions to be lined up differently and spills everywhere.

Mythia does not angry most of the time but when it comes to her work and her laboratory. She gets mad like a wild bull at a rodeo. Oh and I mean really pissed.

Mythia twitched her left eye and growled and changed her timid personality to an angry personality. It's very unusual for her to get mad though.

"HERB!" Mythia yelled very loudly causing her house to shake like it was some kind of an earthquake.

Mythia would eventually calm down and take care of the mess herself since she's too much of a softy and gullible to lose her temper. Sometimes Herb can be mischevious but not to where she would intentionally destroy her property on purpose since she can always make replacements. Mythia is quite an expert magician and a smart scientist. Yes she is.
Herb decided to sneak into Mythia's lab to get a drink of an elixir to wonder what it would taste like. Instead the elixir gave her a huge disaster....

Pic. (c) :iconsilver-soldier:

Herb and Mythia (c) :iconnovaheroi:
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