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The demon sisters Belle and Elvira wanted to have some demon pies specifically to their favorite flavors of cherry and blueberry.

Belle is the oldest with red and black hair and smooth and Elvira is the quirky blonde and black haired younger sister. They never seen without each other.

"When will our lord make demon pies for us?" Elvira complained. "My belly needs something right now."

"Patience my dear sister, patience," Belle said rubbing her sister's head smoothly gently with her red and black fingernails stroking her hair.

Suddenly, their wish became a reality as a table full of cherry and blueberry demon pies appeared like from a magic cloud that went POOF!

"Thank you Lord Arturo!" Elvira squealed with happiness like a piglet and quickly crammed cherry pies down her mouth like crazy.

"Easy on the pies, Elvira," Belle said calmingly and munched on the blueberry pies.

All the cherry and blueberry flavored pies are left with empty pie dishes and are scattered either through the table or on the floor with tiny bite-sized crumbs lying around.

"Arturo never fails does he my sweet little sister?" Belle said rubbing her bloated belly feeling like heaven.

"You bet, Belly!" Elvira laughed making a pun out of her sister's name and her belly. "Get it? Your name is now Belly instead of Belle."

Belle couldn't help but utter a chuckle at her sister's cute pun.

Their skin pigmentations began to change from peach into different colors that correspond to the flavor pies they've been eating.

Elvira's skin turned red and began to blow up like a balloon as her demonic dress began to stretch out. Belle's skin turned blue and began having the same effect like her sister's.

Both the demon girls grew bigger and rounder as the juices inside their bodies made them a whole lot larger twice the size with Elvira's blue panties showing and Belle's red panties showing.

"Ah, Belle," Elvira said feeling like she couldn't move and only flap her little hands. "I don't think it was such a good idea to eat those pies. I mean look what they did to us."

Belle reassured her sister that everything's alright with becoming a berry colored girl.

"You worry too much, Elvira my sweet little sister," Belle said to her. "Besides, turning into a berry girl feels very good."

"Oh I get it now," Elvira smiled and flapped her little hands. "Arturo is gonna be so pleased with an epic nosebleed moment he'll never forget."

"Let's go to him right now!" Belle said happily flapping her hands.

Both the demon girls rolled themselves out of the room to go see Arturo. It would be indeed a wonderful moment where Arturo's always pleased with his girls being demon berries.
The demon sisters Belle and Elvira chow down on those cherry and blueberry pies and become huge flavored demon berries! :love:

Pic. (c) :iconjam4077:

Belle, Elvira and Arturo (c) :iconnovaheroi:
PantheraFelidae Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww :aww: It's so amusing and cute :love: :D
And yay, a blueberry and a cherry inflation! Sweet! :aww: :)
NovaMcKnighten Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank youse and yeppers! :huggle:
PantheraFelidae Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're so very welcome! :huggle: :heart:
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